Header picture; a collage of art by Rachel Stern.

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Upcoming Exhibit

R + R - Interludes: Recent Works by Rachel Stern and Ruth Gless

Artist Reception:
Friday, April 1, 2016, 6PM - 8PM

Gallery Hop:
Saturday, April 2, 2016, The artists will be present 7PM - 9PM

Exhibition dates:
April 1 - 30, 2016

Sharon Weiss Gallery
20 East Lincoln
Columbus, Ohio 43215
614.291.5683 / 614.252.5137


Gallery Hours:
Thur 12PM - 4PM
Fri-Sat 12PM - 5PM
Sun 1PM - 4PM

Featured Styles



Artist's Comments:
"When painting the landscape, including cities and interiors, I challenge myself to capture the beauty present in many everyday scenes. The transitory nature of light and shadow affect the shapes and tones of colors that I see. These spur my imagination and creativity."


Artist's Comments:
"In the figure, nude or clothed, I strive to portray the aura of humanity existent in every individual. Skin tones and textural differences, the draping of clothing coupled with the grace of movement challenge me to capture the exact image that I want to present."


Artist's Comments:
"I value still lifes and interiorscapes that present textural and lighting challenges. Conveying these images through oil media provides the opportunity to consider everyday objects from a new perspective."
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