Artist Statement
A photo of Rachel Stern painting.

Intuitive and interpretive, through my art, I paint my impressions of reality. I focus on the quotidian things that we quickly pass with only scant notice. Landscapes, figures, both quiet and active, and objects translated through still life, provide me with the energy and inspiration that stimulate my creativity. I constantly reach for my ever present sketchbook to capture in pictures and words the subject that I see. Using many volumes of sketch books and my memory, I select various elements to compose the images that I paint.

For me, color and light, form and texture, provide the most important elements in a painting. I apply paint loosely, thinly at first, using brushes and palette knives to urge the subject to emerge. I continue with thicker applications of paint, encouraging the painting to "speak" to me. I listen and listen some more, and together we converse until we complete the image. In this way, I strive to awaken the magic in the ordinary.

I have studied at the Art Institute of Chicago, SACI (Studio Art Center International) in Florence Italy and the Columbus College of Art and Design. My almost thirty years as a docent at the Columbus Museum of Art, coupled with art history classes at the University of Maryland and The Ohio State University have enriched my painting skills with a sound foundation in art's historical evolution and development.

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